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Jayson Yeoh杨觉昇

Jayson Yeoh is a self-taught waercolor artist.
His artworks have been selected for exhibition in both local and international shows.
He is currently a member of The Malaysia Watercolour Society, Singapore Watercolour Society, and has recently been awarded Signature Status by the American Watercolor Society,USA, National Watercolour Society,USA and Missouri Watercolor Society, USA.

Award Honour
2018 Best Organizer For World Watercolor Event Award
2018 Top 25 Artists by “Watercolor Salon ll”

International Juried Exhibition
2019 NWS 99th International Open Exhibition
2018 The 151t1h Annual International Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society
Invitational Exhibitions
2021 International Exhibition In Kharkiv-Ukraine
2021 International Pyrenees Watercolor Contest And Exhibition