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Seah Kam Chuan谢江泉

Seah Kam Chuan Artist statement:

Seah Kam Chuan is an ardent watercolourist, an Illustrator and art educator, who had served as the President of Singapore Watercolour Society from 2000-2006. Being professionally trained in both Fine Arts and Graphic Design has boasted his creations in the watercolour medium especially with the interest in adapting the local subject matters in his works. Some of his favorite local subject’s like “Wheels of Fortune”, “Old Bumboat”, “Coffee Shop”, “Window of old shops houses”, “Street Scene of Little India at Serangoon”, “Singapore River”, “Kampong” and many part of Singapore, all that brings back many fond memories of the past. These are fond and disappearing memories in Singapore and it is important to document them before they are gone.