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Achilles Uhkyuhky Estremos

Uhky Uhky, as what friends would call him. He is a Filipino designer by profession, who has spent 3 decades in field of architecture and interior design. Prompted to change something a few years back lead him to take on watercolor- further his  passion for the arts and to encourage others to take on such a wonderful journey.  

Group affiliations:
Singapore Watercolour Society / Urban sketchers Group
Philippine Guild of Watercolorist /  International Watercolour Society
Cebu- Sihag Watercolor Society  / SimplyTattoo by Uhkyuhky 
Sgoons  Tattoos Singapore / My Art Space Singapore 
​Silverfox Studios Singapore / Design Bube Singapore
Tema colleciones  / KKS Singapore/ Logam Designs
DPDI Singapore / Banyan Tree  / DBTA Singapore
ASDA Singapore