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Chia Ah Gek谢亚玉

Gek is an art enthusiast born on the sunny island of Singapore. She loved doodling since young and wishes for people to feel a sense of encouragement and joy when looking at her art pieces. Through watercolour paintings, a variety of sceneries and stories are depicted, with her favourite being animals – with dogs at the forefront.

Past Exhibitions:
• Succession/传承 - A watercolour exhibition featuring renowned local artist
Mr Goh Siew Guan and his students at Dunman High School.
• Singapore Expressions - SWS 50th ANNUAL EXHIBITION

• Colourful Splashes (Virtual Edition) - SWS 51ST Annual Exhibition

My Expression:
I love dogs. They symbolize faith, loyalty and companionship. Dogs have showed me that life’s unexpected joy sometimes spring from disappointment, anger, or loss.

Through ‘幸福 / Happiness’ - I want to express that Life is about finding beauty in its simple pleasures and realizing that simplicity is the essence of happiness.

‘守护 / Guardian ’ tells the story of a dog’s infinite loyalty and bravery, to instinctively sniff out trouble and keep those they care about out of harm's way.