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Chan Chen-Kuei張貞貴

1. Master’s degree from Dept. of Art, National Taipei Art University
Master’s degree from Dept. of Art, National Taiwan Normal University

2. Entered official Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition Watercolour category. 2015 2017 2021年官辦台灣美術展水彩類 入選獎

3. Awarded Beijing China Federation of Literary and Art Publishing House "Almanac of Outstanding Chinese Artists". 2019年獲北京中國文聯出版社出版「傑出華人藝術家畫冊年鑑。」

4. Third place for 20th Golden Art Award of Taiwan International Art Association, Watercolour Category. 2020年臺灣國際藝術協會第20屆金藝獎 水彩類「雪落下的聲音」第3名

5. Entered International Artist Grand Prix. 2017 2019 2021年國際藝術家大獎賽「水雲休」「人間二月天」「Inner Landscape」入選獎